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Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams :  A prolific creator of fine art, Jeff Williams is an Amarillo artist known for his sculptures crafted from bronze and resin composites. His work breathes life into captivating sculptures that reflect a range of subjects, from wildlife to iconic figures. With a keen eye for detail and a deft touch, Jeff's art resonates with both elegance and emotional depth. His artistry extends to the world of painting, where his acrylic, watercolor, and oil creations reveal a rich spectrum of colors and emotions.

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Joss Williams

Joss Williams: The artistic legacy continues with Joss Williams, showcasing a fresh perspective and a unique artistic voice. Joss's talent shines through her exploration of acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting, where she infuses her creations with an authentic blend of creativity and emotion. Her artistry transcends her young age and captures fleeting moments and emotions, each stroke of color reflecting her evolving artistic journey. As a member of this creative family, Joss's work adds a new dimension to the Amarillo art landscape.

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Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams: Carrying the artistic torch within the family, Jerry Williams has spent his life creating art. His creative endeavors encompass a diverse array of subjects, brought to life through his skillful use of mediums such as bronze and resin composites. Jerry's artistic journey reflects a deep connection to his surroundings and a commitment to preserving the essence of life in each piece. His dedication to his craft resonates in his work across sculptures and prints.

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About Us

Discover this vibrant artistic family of Amarillo, TX, as we introduce you to three talented artists who have woven their creative expressions into the fabric of this community.

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