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Experience the unyielding spirit of the majestic American bald eagle with 'Angry American Eagle,' a striking watercolor painting by the accomplished artist from Amarillo, TX, Jeff Williams. This commanding piece captures the intensity of this iconic bird, as it fixes a stern, serious, and almost primal gaze directly into the camera.


In 'Angry American Eagle,' Jeff Williams's watercolor strokes bring to life the strength and dignity of the bald eagle, a symbol of freedom and power. The painting resonates with the bird's unyielding determination, its piercing stare cutting through the canvas and into your soul. The artist's meticulous attention to detail captures every feather, every nuance of expression, making this painting a tribute to the raw majesty of nature.


For admirers of American, wildlife and artistic craftsmanship, 'Angry American Eagle' is a captivating addition. Embrace the spirit of 'Angry American Eagle,' and let this painting serve as a reminder of the untamed beauty that graces our world and the pride that epitomizes the American spirit.

Angry American Eagle

  • This is 11 x 14 inch Giclee print unframed. 

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