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Experience the enigmatic allure of the wild with 'Bengal,' an evocative acrylic painting by Amarillo, TX artist Joss Williams. This captivating masterpiece captures the untamed gaze of a majestic tiger, its eyes locking onto the viewer with a blend of intensity and intrigue.


In 'Bengal,' Joss Williams skillfully employs acrylics to bring forth the captivating essence of this magnificent creature. The artist's adept brushwork and rich colors convey the tiger's primal energy and mysterious aura. This painting invites you to delve into the world of wildlife, where strength and beauty intertwine in a mesmerizing display.


For admirers of nature's wonders and the artistry of acrylics, 'Bengal' is a striking addition. Bring the untamed spirit of the jungle into your space with this painting, and let it remind you of the intricate beauty of the animal kingdom.


  • This order is for a professional unframed 16" x 20" giclee print of the original oil painting. 

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