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Discover the touching narrative of 'Bitsy,' a fine art bronze sculpture by  Amarillo, TX artist, Jeff Williams. This piece is a poignant tribute to the cherished bond between a father and his daughter, capturing a precious moment as they take a leisurely stroll after a long day at work and school.


'Bitsy' by Jeff Williams is a testament to the artist's love for his daughter and their shared memories. This heartfelt sculpture portrays the young girl on skates, accompanied by her dad, as they explore their neighborhood together. The attention to detail in this artwork is a reflection of the artist's deep connection to the scene, inviting viewers to embrace the warmth and togetherness that radiates from family and from this sculpture.


For collectors and those who appreciate meaningful art, 'Bitsy' offers a window into the artist's personal story of family and love. Invite the spirit of connection and shared moments into your home with 'Bitsy,' and let this piece of fine art bronze serve as a reminder of the invaluable time spent with loved ones.


  • Height = 11”
  • Length = 7.5’
  • Width = 5”


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