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Step into the world of classic cinema with 'Charlie Chaplin #5,' a captivating watercolor painting by the talented Amarillo, TX artist, Jeff Williams. This enchanting painting pays homage to the iconic figure of Charlie Chaplin, presenting a full-body view of the legendary actor. With a confident yet contemplative expression, Chaplin looks straight forward, his signature cane providing subtle support as he stands poised.


'Charlie Chaplin #5' by Jeff Williams is one of several Chaplins painted by Jeff and is a fun tribute to the golden age of entertainment. The artist's brushstrokes bring Chaplin's distinctive features to life, capturing the essence of his timeless charisma.


For enthusiasts of cinema history and artistry, 'Charlie Chaplin #5' is a vital addition. Invite the magic of 'Charlie Chaplin #5' into your space and let this masterpiece transport you to an era of timeless charisma and cinematic brilliance.

Charlie Chaplin #5

  • This order is for a professional unframed 10 x12 giclee print of the original oil painting. 

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