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Experience the beauty of a coastal sunset with 'Clearwater Sunset,' a captivating watercolor painting by the artist from Amarillo, TX, Jeff Williams. This exquisite masterpiece captures the serene tranquility of a sunset over the shores of Clearwater, Florida and was painted after an inspiring visit to Clearwater in 2021.


In 'Clearwater Sunset,' Jeff Williams's watercolor strokes blend warm hues creating a portrayal of the sun immediately after dipping below the horizon. The painting invites you to soak in the soothing ambiance of the moment.


For admirers of natural beauty and the artistry of watercolor, 'Clearwater Sunset' is a gem. The painting's description on our website encapsulates the serene scene, inviting you to bring the allure of a coastal sunset into your living space. Infuse your surroundings with the tranquility and magic of 'Clearwater Sunset,' and let this piece transport you to the serene shores of Clearwater, Florida, with every glance.

Clearwater, Florida

  • This order is for a professional unframed 8x10 giclee print of the original oil painting. 

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