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Step into a playful rural scene with 'Company Coming,' a whimsical sculpture by the talented Amarillo, TX artist, Jerry Glynn Williams. This delightful masterpiece captures a lighthearted moment as a man bends over to gather logs for a fire, only to be greeted by an unexpected visitor - a mischievous goat playfully poised to butt him from behind.


'Company Coming' by Jerry Glynn Williams brings a touch of humor and authenticity to the countryside.  This sculpture embodies the simple joys of rural life and the unexpected connections that can occur between humans and animals.


For collectors and those who appreciate the charm of country living, 'Company Coming' is a treasure that captures the essence of joyful surprises. Invite the spirit of unexpected camaraderie into your space with this whimsical sculpture, and let it remind you of the endearing encounters that can arise in the most ordinary of moments.

Company Coming

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