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Unlock the world of personalized artistry with custom commission paintings by Amarillo, TX artist Joss Williams. With a skillful hand and an eye for detail, Joss specializes in creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces that capture the essence of your vision.


Joss Williams invites you to bring your imagination to life through custom commissions. Whether you dream of immortalizing your beloved pets or desire a unique scene painted onto canvas, Joss's expertise spans a diverse range of subjects. With a keen ability to capture emotion, Joss's creations reflect the depth of connection between subjects and their surroundings.


For those who seek personalized and meaningful art, Joss Williams's custom commission paintings offer an extraordinary opportunity to transform your ideas into tangible works of art. Embrace the chance to own an origianl painting that resonates with your individuality. Experience the magic of art tailored to your desires, and let Joss Williams's talent breathe life into your vision.

Custom Commissions

  • This order is for an unframed, original painting of your subject and of yoru reference photo. $500 is the beginning quote. Additional cost may need to be negotiated depending on the difficulty of the piece you wish painted. If you ahve any questions about pricing, please email us at so we can discuss. 

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