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Presenting 'Father's Day,' a fun and heart warming sculpture by Amarillo, TX artist, Jeff Williams. Still in the clay and ready to cast, this piece captures a heartwarming moment in the wild, depicting a lowland silverback gorilla walking on all fours, carrying a baby gorilla on one arm while another playful baby gorilla enjoys a ride atop his father's sturdy back.


'Father's Day' by Jeff Williams is a tribute to the unbreakable bonds of family and the nurturing spirit of parenthood in the animal kingdom. The attention to detail fills the sculpture with a lifelike quality, allowing us to witness the love and care exchanged between a father and his fun-loving offspring.


For collectors and those who value the beauty of nature and familial connections, 'Father's Day' is a heartfelt addition. Bring the essence of fatherly love and family into your space.


Celebrate the universal language of parenthood with 'Father's Day,' and let this sculpture remind you of the enduring strength of family ties.



Father's Day

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