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Behold the dynamic piece that is currently still in the clay and ready for casting titled 'Home Stretch,' a fine art piece sculpted by the talented artist Jeff Williams from Amarillo, TX. This striking artwork immortalizes a heart-pounding moment as a determined jockey and his powerful racing horse surge forward in a full sprint towards the finish line.


'Home Stretch' by Jeff Williams is a true testament to the artist's ability to convey movement and intensity in the medium of sculpture. The sculpture captures the adrenaline of the race, showcasing the focused determination of the jockey and the sheer power of the racing horse beneath him. The attention to detail is present, bringing every muscle, every stride, and every emotion to life, including the front edge of the riding blanket being blown backward.


For collectors and enthusiasts of equestrian and sports art, 'Home Stretch' is a must-have addition. Experience the excitement of the race in your own space. Elevate your environment with the spirit of competition, speed, and the pursuit of victory that 'Home Stretch' embodies.


  • Base width = 7”
  • Horse width = 3”
  • Length = 12”

Home Stretch

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