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Step into a timeless scene of charm and elegance with 'MacKeachey,' an exquisite fine art bronze sculpture meticulously crafted by artist Jeff Williams. This masterpiece brings to life the allure of a leisurely morning walk, portraying an Irish gentleman strolling along a cobblestone path, accompanied by his loyal hunting dogs.


'MacKeachey' captures the essence of a bygone era, where sophistication meets companionship. With an attention to detail, Jeff Williams immortalizes every nuance of the scene – from the gentleman's attire and the crinkled newspaper tucked under his arm, to the endearing presence of his two faithful canine companions.


As a sentimental touch, Jeff's mother's maiden name is Keahey. The MacKeacheys immigrated to the USA from Ireland where they then changed their names to Keahey to kickstart their new life in their new country. 


As you delve into the world of 'MacKeachey,' you'll be transported to a world of refined nostalgia. For collectors and art enthusiasts alike, this sculpture is a testament to both storytelling and craftsmanship. This artisist narrative invites you to embrace the rich tapestry of history and companionship that 'MacKeachey' embodies. Add this masterpiece to your collection and relish in the enduring charm it exudes.


MacKeachey is 16” tall and the base is 7.5” front to back and 9” side to side.


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