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Dive into the world of musical brilliance with 'Ray Charles Under The Lights,' a vibrant acrylic painting by the  artist from Amarillo, TX, Jeff Williams. This electrifying piece captures a dynamic portrayal of the legendary Ray Charles in the midst of a performance, bathed in the glow of stage lights, and adorned with his signature infectious smile.


In 'Ray Charles Under The Lights,' Jeff Williams's acrylic strokes bring to life the energy and charisma of Ray Charles's musical presence. The painting radiates with a palette of vibrant colors that reflect the rhythm of his music. 


For music enthusiasts and lovers of visual art alike, 'Ray Charles Under The Lights' is a treasure trove of artistic expression. We invite you to bring the magnetic energy of Ray Charles's performance into your living space. 


This Ray Charles painting with acrylic paints was completed In December of 2021.

Ray Charles Under The Lights

  • This order is for a professional unframed 12" x 12" giclee print of the original oil painting. 

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