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Introducing 'Road To Damascus,' an inspired piece by artist Jeff Williams from Amarillo, TX. This sculpture captures a pivotal moment of transformation, portraying the Apostle Paul on his knees, shielding his eyes in awe during his life-altering encounter with Jesus. The scene is further intensified by the sight of Apostle Paul's startled horse rearing up on its hind legs in fear and alarm.


'Road To Damascus' by Jeff Williams is a powerful embodiment of faith and revelation. The artist's craftsmanship brings emotional depth to the sculpture, allowing viewers to feel the weight of this transformative moment. The intricate details of the Apostle Paul's expression and the horse's alarmed stance evoke a sense of awe and reverence.


This single incident transformed teh Christian hunting Saul, into the ever-faithful Apostle Paul who would go on to author 2/3 of the New Testament and die for his Christianity. The scripture for this pivotal moment is etched onto the base of this sculpture to bring the overall message home for the viewer. 


For collectors and those who appreciate Christian art that transcends time, 'Road To Damascus' is a unique addition. Invite the profound nature of faith, transformation, and divine encounters into your space with 'Road To Damascus,' and let this wonderful piece be a source of inspiration.


  • 17.25 tall
  • 17" horse tail to toe
  • Man hand to elbow 8"
  • Hand to knee 8"
  • Bronze base
  • 9.5" wide
  • 13.5" long

Road To Damascus

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