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Experience the intensity of rodeo action with 'Struggle At The NFR,' a captivating sculpture by the skilled Amarillo, TX artist, Jerry Glynn Williams. This dynamic sculpture transports the viewer to the thrilling world of rodeo as it captures a cowboy engaged in an epic wrestling match to bring a determined calf to the ground.


'Struggle At The NFR' by Jerry Glynn Williams encapsulates the spirit of competition and determination that defines rodeo sports. The artist's skillful craftsmanship brings to life the energy and tenacity of the cowboy as he grapples with the calf, evoking the raw adrenaline of the arena. This sculpture resonates with the essence of strength, hard work, and resilience.


For rodeo enthusiasts and those who appreciate the grit of western culture, 'Struggle At The NFR' is a treasured tribute to the athleticism and bravery of rodeo participants. Embrace the spirit of competition and challenge with this piece, and let it serve as a symbol of the indomitable human spirit in the world of rodeo sports.

Struggle At The NFR

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