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Experience the majestic grandeur of the wilderness with 'Wapiti - Bull Elk,' a captivating fine art bronze sculpture crafted by artist Jeff Williams. This piece brings the raw power and untamed beauty of nature to your favorite room, showcasing a commanding bull elk standing with strength and presence.


'Wapiti - Bull Elk' by Jeff Williams captures the essence of the wild in exquisite detail. The sculpture immortalizes the elk's commanding stance, powerful physique, and intricate antlers, evoking a sense of awe-inspiring wilderness. The bronze medium lends a timeless quality to the artwork, preserving the elk's majesty for generations to come.


For collectors and nature enthusiasts, 'Wapiti - Bull Elk' is a treasure, embodying the spirit of the wild in every curve and line. 


  •  Tall - 15.25" to top of head
  •  20.5" -  top of horns
  •  Length - 12.5" 
  •  Depth -  5" 

Wapiti - Bull Elk

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